'This is the world's most comfortable metal chair!'

- Idan M.

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‘I will lovingly support you while you move freely and express yourself’

- Vibe chair

A continuous flowing loop

This embodies the essence of any healthy living system. There are no ends and no beginnings but instead a dynamic flow of energy from one to another.

‘This is it! I can rock, sway, bounce… and even dance!”

- Whitnai S.

'I have always been fidgety, tapping my foot or clicking a pen. This chair lets my body move that energy while I sit'

- Tanner B.

Vibe is about freedom and vitality

Where other chairs encourage stagnation and decreased bloodflow,

Vibe invites you to move naturally and activate your body.

Joyously co-designed by Charles Gibilterra and Jules Henry

Manufactured in Bend, Oregon

Components and Specifications

Let's move and raise our vibe