Supporting you in exquisite comfort while you commune with nature, each other and self

We design for freedom...

of movement and playful self expression

All our designs are dynamic…for your well being. Mental health research and our own lived experience have taught us that moving the body not only increases vitality and wellness, but also allows the mind to shift into a calm, regulated state.

Why 33?

In numerology, the 33 represents the ‘master teacher’. The teaching this refers to is of sincere devotion to the spiritual upliftment of humanity as a whole

With deep reverence and gratitude for our Earth...

we build with materials that will endure the elements

and be cherished for generations to come

Our creations are inspired by the luminous flowing energy experienced in visionary states

Our mission is to support the awakening of higher consciousness on the planet. This takes form in our artistic creations, workplace environment, community participation and charitable contributions.

We offer 10% of profits to the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) as we believe plant medicine offers great healing potential for humanity.