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Originally conceived as an offering to the people of Burning Man 2012, Volo has matured since then but the intent remains: to provide a vehicle for consciousness to soar.

‘Volo’s gentle movement is a lullaby for the soul’

- Jolee M.

'Brilliantly comfortable and visually stunning, our Volo has uplifted our forested patio into one of the most attractive spaces in our home'

- William R.

Whether on grass, wood or sand, Volo lands gracefully and supports your immersive connection with nature

An invitation to unleash your most playful inner child...

And re-discover the love that is your true nature

Volo is a passionate dance of design and craft

We precisely form the marine-grade stainless tubes with our freeform bender. These tubes are then TiG welded to marine-grade stainless components by a family of masterful metalworkers in Salinas, California.

Our partners in southern California assemble the fabric sling and pillow using industry standard Batyline and Sunbrella materials. Custom color configurations are available.

Designed by Jules Henry in collaboration with Jason Henry

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